About Me

My name is Joe, and I’ve been plotting to change the world since I was 10 years old.

Passion for Photography, Design, Graphic Arts, Intercultural studies

The word Plotting may sound slightly mallicious but I can assure you my motives are anything but. I study in  visual communications and have a particular appreciation for the challenges that intercultural communication presents, equally as interested in how the arts visually frame human existence and hold, what I see to be, potential to break cultural barriers. I think art is an unrecognized game changer with the universal ability to create more empathetic, educated and productive development of our social environments.

Technology has proven its ability to connect people globally. We see more and more media being shared and viewed on a global scale. Much of this media is commercially driven but there is a vast array of artistic communities that are genuine in their usage of the web to expand their audience. Images affect how people perceive the world, especially parts of it they haven’t seen or do not understand. Now we ask ourselves, what images are we consuming, who is providing these and what is in it for them. This  to me is a point of individualism,

breaking from what I am spoon fed, and beginning my own hunt.

So here we are, on the web.

Plan being, bring in all different types of cultural arts, street art, fine art, music, video, photography, sculpture, architecture, poetry, philosophy, and mix some colors. I want to build a community, a movement, inspiring people to unite in the most beautiful ways that we know, creatively and artistically.

People could stand to learn a lot from colors…

You see, colors have unique qualities that can be hard to find in nature. One of these qualities being their ability to mix, and in doing so, creating something organic and original. It seems like a rather basic concept but there is definitely more of a metaphor for people within this idea of mixing colors.

I’ve come to see my world as a massive palette, every image, every experience like colors splashed around in my head, painting my ideas and illustrating my persona.

I am always searching looking to find new ideas, new people, and new colors. I hope to see this blog become a palette, filled with crazy colors from around the world, blending and mixing through appreciation, analysis and consideration for social impact. Im looking for a community that sees the potential power in these mixing colors, how they have the ability to fill cultural voids and create a greater overall human connection.

I want, and need, to allow my colors to be displayed. I see no use keeping my colors private, after all, what good is a color if you can’t see it? And what good is a color if you can’t show, share it, or splatter it all over some wall downtown, or online…

Either way my goals are simple, I’m here to mix some colors!

Any forwards of worthy content are extremely welcome at jkelly14241226@gmail.com


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