Spotlight on Wordpress Artists

As a follower of Joe’s, I really admire him and his blog. To me, Mixing Colorz is the place to go to see what’s happening across the art community. It’s a living, breathing hub of artistic expression that covers the entire spectrum of creative thought. And if that isn’t cool, I don’t know what is!

Running a blog on WordPress myself, I’ve stumbled across dozens of wonderful artists that call WordPress home. And since Mixing Colorz is such a hub for what’s happening in the art world, I figured I’d send some WordPress artists his way to help him build greater connections across this platform.

One WordPress artist I’m so excited about is Jennifer Redstreake Geary. Representing Tennessee, Geary has fallen head-over-heels in love with watercolors. And boy does it show in her work!

She’s currently working on an A-Z challenge featuring Legos and antique Ball jars, and I can’t get enough! These pieces are so whimsical and fun. They’re the perfect combination of pop culture and fine art, and her playfulness and creativity will keep you wanting to see more. Plus, every fifth commenter on her posts will receive a FREE signed print of the painting you comment on!!

Another lady artist that I’ve discovered via WordPress is Shaylene Reynolds. Slightly more unknown (since I don’t know what to do about Gravatar profiles…), but her work can speak for herself!

Embracing watercolors as of late, she’s done some stunning botanical studies. Beautiful plans and flowers, very true to their natural form, but she exaggerates the color. Just look at the greenery on this flower – absolutely gorgeous!

Moral of the story, WordPress is the home to some serious talent. And maybe if we worked together more and networked a little more, artists could stumble upon people like Joe. People who love art and want to share it with the world, while maintaining the proper credit to the artist. And more of the world would enjoy the talent and creativity of the masses.


Define who you are and what you create: Branding

Define who you are and what you create: branding

Yesterday I kicked off an exciting week dedicated to emerging artists with this post (aka, all the things I wish I had learned 5 years ago!).

Before we start talking about branding please get the idea of logos, packaging, and web design out of your head.  That is not branding.

A brand is a bundle of emotion and ideas.  It is an aesthetic that your product or creation effortlessly embodies.  You comprehend it in a glance, it resonates with you, and before you know it, you are aligning yourself with it, bringing it into your home, and raving about it to anyone who will listen.  THAT is good branding.
Define who you are and what you create: branding
Thinking about branding in this way makes it super appealing to artists and creativies – emotions and aesthetics?  that’s what we live for!

The first thing to think about is your portfolio. How does it feel as a whole?  Think like…

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Art with Benefits 2014


Over the last few weeks we’ve been busily locking in details for our 2014 Art with Benefits event. We’re very happy to announce that this year Art with Benefits is supporting local charity Aussie Helpers who are helping to fight poverty and lift the spirits of farmers and families affected by drought in outback Australia.

We’re currently rounding up event sponsors as well as participating artists to get involved. To find out more visit our brand new website. Here you’ll find our artist registration form as well as all of the info about this year’s exhibition theme.

And keep an eye out for our ‘Calling All Creatives’ postcards that are hot of the presses thanks to our good friends at hero print.


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Artbox Project SJ

Love to see community infusing art in infrastructure, Well done San Jose!

Wandering in the Wind

If you wander around San Jose, you may notice that a lot of the electrical boxes throughout town are painted with sometimes serene, sometimes crazy, and most of the time awesome scenes. These are the works of artists in the Artbox Project group, dedicated to beautifying drab utility boxes. I took some photos of a few of my favorites.

IMG_8232 Artist: Alex Perez    Location: Curtner and Cottle


IMG_8250 Artist: Carrie Lyons    Location: Park Ave & Sandringham Way


IMG_8274 Artist: Lacey Bryant    Location: Naglee Ave and Dana Ave


IMG_8315 Artist: Jen Norton Location: Pine and Hicks


I’ll follow this up with a part 2 once I get more photos. In the meantime, check out this Google Map the group published that records all known locations if you want to tour the boxes yourself!

Artbox Project SJ Map

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Creating Your Own

style (j.kelly graphics)

The more of myself that I put onto canvas and into photographs and designs, the more I wonder where my influences are coming from, I continually feel inspired by things all around me, but I always seem to just store them in a random access portion of my mind that I don’t cognitively navigate but rather subconsciously summon fragments from. I set out to learn a little more about the fundamental styles I may have strayed from. 

Inspiration and imagination being very important, I still don’t wanna miss out on incorporating classic concept and styles into my art.

Its also nice to think that classic appreciation can be evoked when you offer your audience  familiar elements of appeal.

Heres a run down of some major modern elements of style that have roots in the earliest manifestations of creativity and artistic expression.


often referred to as the dreamscape of artistic expression, surrealism incorporates the subconscious abstractions with realistic images and suggestions. Recognizable symbols mixed with ambiguous shapes or uncommon scenarios.

Its infinity within the confines of human perspective.

Post-Impressionism/ Cubism

Here we have an art style that directly shifts perspective of worldly objects and limits them to two dimensions. By re-materializing these things using new shapes and schemes, new identities can be given to common images or symbols. the geometry also offers basic elements of design that add to the richness of the style.


We have all heard this word at some point or another and it almost always refers to something that doesn’t seem to make immediate sense. This style obviously offers a lot of freedom to the artist but it also presents the challenge of creating relevance from something apparently irrelevant. Sure, we can apply any jumble of shapes onto a canvas and call it abstract, the art comes from the perspective of the artist and the feelings they wish to draw from their audience. It is about relaying a message without using traditional methods of speech or imagery, a roundabout way to bring a viewer down a desired path of subtle recognition.


This style takes the essence of shape and meaning to use the least amount of meaningful detail in creating something recognizable. This style can be both symbolic and abstract. Its often surprising the beauty that can emerge from such simplicity.

I think that when developing our own styles, it is important to explore and understand the goals and methods of basic style concepts. The more we expose ourselves to new art, the more new material we offer our own creative intellect more raw material to generate ideas from. Its like how they tell writers to read a lot, it just makes sense to understand different ways to express and communicate the messages you wish to share. 

Its also a great idea not just to look at these styles but to experiment with them, obviously this is only a few basic styles, there are hundreds more that all create their own beautiful discipline by creating ideas and elements from all the other styles. One way we can customize our own unique style is by embodying new forms and new perspective on representations and symbolism.

These types of skills are important for communicating to vast audiences, as artist we appreciate what we do, but we want others to be able to see our vision of purpose as well, and different people respond to different styles. These styles can be metaphoric in relating to your own personality as well. And the more you explore these fundamentals, the more you may discover about yourself, as a person, and as an artist.


Heres a link to a web sight that inspired this post art forms


by artist Marc Quinn entitled 'Planet' at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, England

by artist Marc Quinn entitled ‘Planet’ at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, England!

defying gravity and turning many heads, I liked this because of how obscure the positioning was. The disorientation suggests to me that the artists may have been portraying the world we walk as a womb itself.