Change is the only constant

Well the time has come now for my life to take a step in a new direction. It never ceases to amaze me how things can so suddenly come into play and change everything just as your settling into what you currently have going. It is not always an easy thing to reframe your priorities so often or suddenly, but in todays world mobility and flexibility are key.


I have been given a great opportunity to move down to the peach state this summer and experience a new aspect of my field through a position at a minor league baseball park, in marketing and sales. I am really looking forward to the networking and experiences I will be able to gather from this awesome chance. I also look forward to incorporating my creativity into my roles in order to define myself within a successful business community.


As much as I am looking forward to this opportunity, I will be leaving behind certain aspects of myself and my inspiration up north. People will be missed as I step out of my normal surroundings and support systems, but those people are as pumped about the chance as I am, the support and love is strongly appreciated and credited for driving my motivation to be what I am supposed to be and to do what I am here to do.


I will continue to post for this blog and hopefully with much more of my own work and content as I plan on bringing you all sorts of photography and local art stories and features through out my journey. I look forward to sharing my travels and hope to have all my great followers along the way!



2 thoughts on “Change is the only constant

    • Thank you I am really looking forward to it myself, Ill be sure to stay in touch of some kind! And thanks for everything, it has really helped me along the way!

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