Home Grown and thriving

Over the weekend, Our local gallery was refreshed with a new set of works by a Western MA artists named Dale. He works with a variety of painting styles but brought us an especially diverse selection this time around. He has only been partially trained, but still managers to pull of some pretty impressive stuff.

The paintings went up Saturday morning and will remain for about a month. Most of the pieces are oil based paints layered either with a palette knife or other alternative means to brushes, Dale was looking to experiment with some texture. He hung everything from abstract self portraits to cinematic and comic fan art (often the most popular pieces in the show). The fan art included everything  from paintings depicting characters from movies like 300, V for Vendetta, and the Joker from Batman. Close by hangs a portrait of the three masked Ninjas from the 90’s video game mortal combat!

The gallery is located in a tucked away pub, in an underdeveloped part of a small town in western MA. The outside of the venue is quaint and deceiving. a small and weathered store front frames an ornate and oversized bright red door. Many who pass never even realize it is a functioning pub and art gallery. But once they stop in the reactions are always extremely positive.

As a bar tender at this establishment, I am always pleased with peoples faces as they walk through the front door. The bar is decorated with mahogany trim and 14 foot ceilings lined with decorated copper colored tin plates. The interior appeal is only emphasized by the unexpected art gallery hanging all around the bar. With bare face brick on one wall and refined woodwork on the other, the venue is truly unique in great way.


It truly is awesome watching a bar customer get up from their stool to walk around browsing the art.

Naturally I would bartend at a establishment like this, supporting local arts has helped us thrive as a business and create a reputation that is unique to anyone else’s in our town. We are excited to continue this art program and have even extended it by hosting Instructional Painting classes, of course accompanied by martinis and wine.

The local art aspect also bleeds through into our musical selection. Every saturday we feature another local artists on our stage.


I will be working to get pictures of the gallery up asap! I am sure the artists would love some feedback from the blogging community. Check back soon for some sweet pictures!


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