selfies actually worth taking

So today I dare to enter a realm of pop culture that I myself find very interesting….. and that is the selfie.

This social phenomena has recently been most popularized by modern camera phones and the ability to share ridiculous, seductive, or otherwise “worthwhile” images…

Even our own grown government officials can’t seem to resist an impromptu lean-in snap shot


Now isn’t it nice to see GOV officials smilings rather than scowling.

Unfortunatly these days in the selfie community you see more butts than faces, sometimes its hard to tell the difference, people have far exceeded my expectations for the human capacity for vanity, insanity, and overall ridiculousness. But this is why the world is so colorful…

Now don’t get me wrong, I am NOT hating on self portraits or the idea of personalized inspiration, but that is not exactly what we find in most “selfie” art…please note that I am using the word art extremely loosely.

Leave it to people to push something beyond the natural limits and go completely to the point of nonsense.

Now, I AM NOT about to instruct on how to compose the perfect selfie, with that I can not help you friends. Especially because the selfies that I consider worth while, tend to be composed in a life or death situation. I would advise that you stick to the fail-proof mirror shots and duckyfaces. But these guys here have really pushed the selfie envelope.

This kid has taken some really incredible shots, giving amazing perspective of the cities that he has climbed and captured

The Huffington Post also had some amazing pictures like this one to offer an idea of just how far this kid will go to take what he says is simply an “good composition”.


This got me thinking, how many other people are taking the selfie to this level. So I explored.

NOTE: the internet is very saturated with selfies, its easy to get lost amongst them.

Here is what yahoo says are extreme selflies worth you’re time….CRAZY SELFIES


This gallery below holds the most worth selfies that I could find, I was impressed, we see the artistic elements of timing as the camel munches her skull, composition with the curve of a wave, and sculpture in the physique of santa in the off season, along withs surrealism!


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