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Somebody once asked me if I could choose any particular reader to write directly to, who would it be?

Easy question, Easy answer…

I would write to somebody who HATED art.

What might that look like?… you may or may not be asking yourself…

Dear Art Hater/s,

Why do you hate art? Are you colorblind? Did your teacher gaze with disappointment on your lack luster renditions of your seemingly sedated imagination?

I bring no animosity to this front, but I, like you, do not understand.

First of all, do you even exist? Is their really a place in nature for the dis-appreciation of all art? Is that possible? I think not.

If you are out there though I guess maybe you are confused about what art is.

This would ultimatley result in some negative perspectives.

But who am I to tell you what it is or is not, what it can or never will be. I alone cannot explain with words what art was and continues to be. I do not know such things.

I do know that in caves, our animalistic ancestors swatted their stories on the rocky walls. For what? We can not know for sure the relative function to the time, but we recognize a story, and a message.

Proof there was life once here, and by the complexity of expression in symbolic illustrations, it shows us there was a soul present. I think that is something all people can draw from. Knowing life was and is and strives to be. Not with a static concept of purpose, but rather no concept of purpose except for what we create.

We have that ability in this world, to create. It is a divine exersice of the mind and soul, to create something from the combination of vision spirit and worldly materials.

But if you hate art, then this mumbo jumbo must mean little to you. Your beyond the natural characteristics of our most basic human needs, social expression and acceptance.

But if you ever wish to feel trust in yourself and the satisfaction of creating, or even just the warmth of appreciation. Don’t hesitate, turn towards the arts. They are an open door to discovering yourself as a being.





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