From Rags To A Livable Income

Interesting insights into a growing artistic field

Our Culture's Different

It’s crazy but nowadays I swear that everyone wants to be a rapper. And why not right…you get to drive fancy cars; you get to wear the latest and expensive clothes; you are constantly tripping over beautiful women every time you walk around your big mansion; and best of all you get the chance to annoy people by telling them about how much money you have…being a rapper sounds great doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to be rich and famous?

That’s where the misinformed have it all wrong

A lot of rappers, even ones that are successful and by success I mean making a living off of music, are neither rich nor famous. To really be defined as a famous rapper you have to be a mainstream rapper (have a top 40 hit) and what is considered rich is up to anyone’s interpretation.

Having a career as a rapper does…

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