Spotlight on WordPress Artists

As a follower of Joe’s, I really admire him and his blog. To me, Mixing Colorz is the place to go to see what’s happening across the art community. It’s a living, breathing hub of artistic expression that covers the entire spectrum of creative thought. And if that isn’t cool, I don’t know what is!

Running a blog on WordPress myself, I’ve stumbled across dozens of wonderful artists that call WordPress home. And since Mixing Colorz is such a hub for what’s happening in the art world, I figured I’d send some WordPress artists his way to help him build greater connections across this platform.

One WordPress artist I’m so excited about is Jennifer Redstreake Geary. Representing Tennessee, Geary has fallen head-over-heels in love with watercolors. And boy does it show in her work!

She’s currently working on an A-Z challenge featuring Legos and antique Ball jars, and I can’t get enough! These pieces are so whimsical and fun. They’re the perfect combination of pop culture and fine art, and her playfulness and creativity will keep you wanting to see more. Plus, every fifth commenter on her posts will receive a FREE signed print of the painting you comment on!!

Another lady artist that I’ve discovered via WordPress is Shaylene Reynolds. Slightly more unknown (since I don’t know what to do about Gravatar profiles…), but her work can speak for herself!

Embracing watercolors as of late, she’s done some stunning botanical studies. Beautiful plans and flowers, very true to their natural form, but she exaggerates the color. Just look at the greenery on this flower – absolutely gorgeous!

Moral of the story, WordPress is the home to some serious talent. And maybe if we worked together more and networked a little more, artists could stumble upon people like Joe. People who love art and want to share it with the world, while maintaining the proper credit to the artist. And more of the world would enjoy the talent and creativity of the masses.


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