Artbox Project SJ

Love to see community infusing art in infrastructure, Well done San Jose!

Wandering in the Wind

If you wander around San Jose, you may notice that a lot of the electrical boxes throughout town are painted with sometimes serene, sometimes crazy, and most of the time awesome scenes. These are the works of artists in the Artbox Project group, dedicated to beautifying drab utility boxes. I took some photos of a few of my favorites.

IMG_8232 Artist: Alex Perez    Location: Curtner and Cottle


IMG_8250 Artist: Carrie Lyons    Location: Park Ave & Sandringham Way


IMG_8274 Artist: Lacey Bryant    Location: Naglee Ave and Dana Ave


IMG_8315 Artist: Jen Norton Location: Pine and Hicks


I’ll follow this up with a part 2 once I get more photos. In the meantime, check out this Google Map the group published that records all known locations if you want to tour the boxes yourself!

Artbox Project SJ Map

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