Long term Pieces: A work of mine in progress, acrylic and ink



This Canvas has held so many different paintings piled on one after another as I had new ideas monopolize for it as time went and continues to go on. This turned into a canvas with several completed paintings, all different pictures and themes, all layered on one canvas.

This is the latest layer that has been emerging in my spare time. You can barley see the Mans face smoking a pipe in the background where it once was the main subject of its own layer.

I wonder if an eventual layer will strike me enough to stop adding more over it?

I caught myself thinking a little deeper about that. You cannot necessarily physically detect elements from every painting, but I feel like the idea that there are several pieces in one ups the value. Not in a commercial sense necessarily, but more in authenticity and embodiment of that artists experience with a canvas that they must have created a relationship with over time.





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