Nature Shots:For lack of my own


This past weekend has offered exceedingly enjoyable weather and great reason to be spending time outside.

It was refreshing to start seeing the wildlife out and moving again

I love hearing the birds and insects chirping at dusk and dawn

it is something I have missed through the long winter we all faced.

Particularly I have seen many Red tail hawks witch are common but never the less extraordinary to spot.

I remember at a previous residence of mine on a city college campus, these hawks would be unusually present in the everyday routine.

because of the abundant squirrel population encouraged by high foot traffic and lots of dropped food/garbage, the hawks had a field day.

There was many times when the Hawks made the front page of the school paper, shredding an unlucky squirrel in a gory show of nature.

It was pretty awesome, unfortunate for the squirrel, but at the time I was Biology student, fascinated with nature and mortality.

Any way, I was not able to capture these hawks I witnessed in my own images, most likely because I was to busy enjoying the spectacle.

SO here are some great pictures by an artistic blogger who always impresses me with his photos and perspectives.

Becoming is superior to being



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