Good News

Artists can make a living!

I remember career workshops in middle school, we were asked to project ourselves into the future and choose a job that we would like to work when we grow up. We were also asked to take into account several finical aspects, salary, bills, and other costs of living. At the time I chose to frame myself as a night club owner, mind you I was all of 12 years old, but I wanted to frame myself in an interesting and high paying position, it also had to be cool. After calculations my salary took care of my future self comfortable, but I recall some of my friends who chose to take the roll of an artist or graphic designer. They


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struggled with their income and projected salaries because they were dismal. I specifically remember the teacher advising not to choose an arts profession because even if we found high statistical wages for high performing artists, the chances of that kind of success were un realistic.

The good news, between then and now ( about 12 years ) these statistics have changed for the better, despite what our teachers and parents feared as they watched us grabbing the paint brush instead of the calculator, an artist can no make a living and has a better chance of finding a job in the field.

with the advancements in technology and the greater demand for design and image, artists are becoming a necessity. It is reflected by The US Bureau Of Labor Statistics report on 2014 wages for certain types of artistic professions. I personally was pleased by this new report. as a developing artists and student of communications, I hope to integrate my artistic skill into developing my value as an employable asset. So this new info is encouraging in more ways than one!

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