The Most Important Message I Live My Life By

A well imagined philosophy, well worth the read. I think this type of drive is what keeps art developing at such a dynamic pace. well said!

Thought Catalog

The fantastic artist and doodler, Molly Hahn, sent me a picture as a gift. A picture that has not left my pocket since she sent it.

It’s amazing the effect a physical drawing has instead of the onslaught of images we get every day on our computer.

The computer screen is a prison wall separating me from the art.

Molly’s gift was a doodle of a buddha-like child with his hands in the air saying, “STAY CURIOUS.”

Why is this so important that I keep it in my pocket all day long? Why is it a reminder I constantly refer to?

Because KNOWING is the first step in the long road of misery and failure.

Every failure in business starts with the sentence, “I KNOW this will work.”

Every failure in the stock market says, “I KNOW this stock will go up.”

Every failure in science starts, “I…

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