Broken Lens

The loss of a limb is literally an unimaginable concept for us lucky enough to still have all our pieces, Beth was in her early twenties when she was in a car accident that mangled one of her legs beyond repair.

Beth has always been the cousin I looked up to the most, I’ve always seen something in her that drove me to search myself deeper, and find explanations for myself, rather than always blindly accepting others ideas. Even just her style and her taste in music and clothing, all played on something I was interested in, it seemed like all of her common interests and preferences were things I knew I liked too and was waiting to discover. She’s colorful and different and she has her own way of functioning that, as a younger cousin, I truly admired. She was athletic and especially talented at soccer and goal keeping, she’s smart and very intellectual, but most of all, extremely artistic and creative. Her work in Photography and her taste in art has always inspired me and helped to expand my own tastes and appreciations.

She lost control of the car on the highway and was ejected from the vehicle, left in the wreckage unconscious and badly injured. Beth woke dazed to see a blurry mess of metal glass and blood, she saw what she thought were figures of people, help had arrived. She slipped back out of consciousness.

She awoke a day or two later in the hospital completely wrapped in casts and bandages, and missing her left leg from right below the knee and down.

She had learned from some of the nurses that she had been stranded on the side of the road for some time before help was notified of her accident. the news got worse, they had found evidence that the crash sight had been scavenged and many of her possessions including all of her professional camera gear had been taken before authorities arrived.

It took years for Beth to get back standing and walking, and her inability to play the sports she loved took a tole on her psychologically. Pain, medication, and immobility ruled her life for months and months on end, she was starting to go crazy.

after a battle with depression and the struggle of learning to walk again beth is now back behind the lens and even back on the soccer field. She has worked hard to become comfortable and fluent with her prosthetic, and she continues to is pre me with her drive and strength.

This got me thinking about what other types of handicap artists are out there and how do they use their circumstances to their artistic advantage. I came across this and thought it was more than worth sharing on a blog such as mixing colors, because it goes to show the transiency of artistic spirit throughout all life no matter what the circumstance may be, beauty is always possible and always present.

Check out some amazing examples!

Amazing disabled artists

Huang Guofu lost both arms in an electric shock at the age of 4


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