Top Ten Reasons to use Art Therapy

My sister is an art therapy student, this ones for her, awesome alternative treatment

A Focus on Art Therapy

  1. Art Therapy is about the making the art not the end product 
  2. Pictures, symbols and colors reach feelings quicker and easier than words alone
  3. Expresses what words can’t
  4. Releases emotions
  5. Allows the paper to hold the feelings
  6. Gives you a new perspective to view an situation
  7. Is relaxing
  8. Can be used with all ages
  9. Tool for non-verbal communication between you and someone else
  10. May promote self-esteem                                                                                   

Using art to express feelings isn’t just for children. Adults find the benefits of artmaking to be helpful when it’s used with or without talk therapy.  Creative expression gives all ages the opportunity to have their story accepted, their experience validated, and…

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