Microscope Reveals Tiny Beauty

gotta love when science and beauty are so obviously united, reminds us how perspective is relative, but how there are constants beyond those boundaries uniting everything in subtle ways.

Art, Spirit, Nature

These are images from the 2013 Microscopic Images of the Year

Transected Lily Bud – 4th Place winner by Spike Walker. Note the hex symmetry of the Lily already expressing iteself.

More than 2100 entries were submitted for the 10th annual prize.

The 2013 winning entries reflect the latest advances in neuroscience and cell biology as documented by researchers, along with amazing glimpses of life on a microscopic scale captured by hobbyists, students and scientists.

A collection of single-cell fresh water algae known as desmids. 3rd Place – Dr. Igor Siwanowicz

Next year’s competition, which closes September 30, 2014 is already open for participants. Entrants can submit up to five still images, image sequences, or movies of life science subjects captured at any magnification using a compound light microscope. To enter the competition or view the BioScapes gallery of winners and Honorable Mentions, visitwww.OlympusBioScapes.com.

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