selling out

Ok so I came across a post by a friend of mine who’s heavy into real hip hop and sets out to debunk common misconceptions or misrepresentations in the culture. It’s a great blog to check out, heres the post I’ll be referring to @ Our Cultures Different

So this post caught my eye because it had to do with the idea of an artists selling out, in this case its a musical artist. We all know that as artists, we still have bills to pay and stomaches to feed, in other words, whether or not we believe in generalized commercialization of art, we still need money. In the case of lupe and this new song, I can see why fans would be disappointed. Is the song different then lupe’s usual sound? yes. Is it different then then every other club song? not really.

The thing is that commercialized music industries don’t hold a lot of room for artist integrity. Lupe has done much better in the past lyrically and has projected much better messages, but popular hip hop fans shouldn’t count on a main stream artist not eventually following the main stream.

Is it fair to call pop artists sell outs when we expecting them to be the headliners of new trends?

what defines a sell out and what kinds of artistic sell outs are there outside of just the music industry?

Heres one I always liked


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