no room for fear in real art

         Fear is something every artist must overcome, its no secret that once proclaimed as an artist you have open yourself to the stage of being judged.  You will face the challenge of defining yourself through yourself, and not through the speculations and the generalized perception of popular taste. I aim to champion the ability of creating unique taste and distinct awareness of what is “good” art through my personal lens of perspective.

         My cousin is an incredible artist who has pressed through the boundaries of what’s commonly expected in order to pursue her passion and develop her abilities. she recently quit her job to start an apprenticeship at a tattoo parlor. Although training with flesh as a new medium takes time and practice, they put her right to work on the walls of the shop. This wasn’t the first big piece she had done, she knew she had the ability, but it was the first time that her work was for the direct judgment of other highly skilled artists…

         In the past year or so i have seen some pretty great examples of how street art and creative advertising can be a powerful tool in getting peoples attention. Now a day everything is screen or paper messages, we are very accustomed to seeing flat square images with generalized visuals. BUT, when we throw an abstract or mind bending visual onto an unlikely canvas, people can’t help but stop to check it out. But yet, many business still see street art as vandalism. this is understandable id the image is profane or unappealing, but what if the image is a powerful social message generated by an anonymous source within the community. No i am not condoning tagging up your neighborhood, but I do find it intriguing how some artists have created such a reputation, that their artwork acts as an attraction in some sense, sometimes even increasing the value of the property. Stephen Colbert played on the idea on his show not to long ago…

Colbert Report, Banksy

other works by Banksy

even the economist ties in with their perspective of the new respects found for street art, explaining how its not a new fad, but rather an ancient practice. they explain how the culture has and continues to develop.


Other business have realized that with the help of extremely unique visuals, you can send a powerful message instant and often times first impressions are an important factor for visual businesses. Advertisement agencies are all about getting your attention and this one took that concept to heart and home by decking out his entire business space with a tattoo inspired mural. No doubt this makes a lasting mark on anyone who walks over its ornate layout. V2-304149982.jpg&maxw=623&q=100&cb=20140226022319

Ad Agency crazy floor art

Even big name brands are getting on board realizing that incorporating impressive visuals with their product will up peoples interest in whats going on with that product. check out Reebok, they commissioned the largest street art video ever! Reebok Goes big


BACK to my cousin, she finally posted a picture of her mural finished in the shop, looking amazing as always, with a caption reading “finally got the courage to finish the mural”

Good thing she broke the wall cause the outcome was stunning



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