Street Art is changing Africa

South Africans are Inspiring communities by splashing the town with beautiful color and powerful street art

These artists have managed to remain independent and self employed by providing artistic services to all types of local business. They inspire their peers and their community to take pride in the beauty they can create regardless of their financial class.

I think there is great power in the independence of this form of social address. The source is richly rooted within the community, so an understanding of the environment develops from the ground up. This type of artistic perspective gives the messages more credibility in a sense, as if the walls that hold these murals and creative displays of social awareness are speaking for the city, from the heart of the people and the spirit of their lives.

I think that McLuhan’s idea, “the medium is the message” rings true in a situation like this.

The medium being how an artistic idea is expressed, through photos, paintings, canvas, or city walls. each of these different mediums (along with countless more) hold more significant of a message than the actual content of the image being displayed.

By using the city as a canvas, a brick laden mill town goes from an industrial factory infrastructure, to a colorful, abstract landscape. I think this offers people a new perspective, a brighter view of their own environment. This type of positive encouragement of culture and small business are supported by tingles of pride when a local sees his city walls being admired worldwide. What can we translate this spark of pride into? What is the next step to using art to uplift and inspire impoverished or economically deprived areas all around the world.

I think that by having this art produced by independent and sometimes even anonymous artists gives a great mystique to the motive and the perspective.

I think that the lifespan of this type of art is perfect for the purpose it serves, it degrades with the structures.

This shows how time flows and culture evolves by understanding and appreciating its roots, not by leaving them behind.

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2 thoughts on “Street Art is changing Africa

  1. Great stuff! Very inspiring. I see cool connections between this post and the post where you profiled Theaster Gates…

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