If (and when) all else fails, start to mix some color

People could stand to learn a lot from colors…

You see, colors have unique qualities that can be hard to find in nature. One of these qualities being their ability to mix, and in doing so, creating something organic and original. It seems like a rather basic concept but there is definitely more of a metaphor for people within this idea of mixing colors.

I’ve come to see my world as a massive palette, every image, every experience like colors splashed around in my head, painting my ideas and illustrating my persona.

I am always searching looking to find new ideas, new people, and new colors. I hope to see this blog become a palette, filled with crazy colors from around the world, blending and mixing through appreciation, analysis and consideration for social impact. Im looking for a community that sees the potential power in these mixing colors, how they have the ability to fill cultural voids and create a greater overall human connection.

I want, and need, to allow my colors to be displayed. I see no use keeping my colors private, after all, what good is a color if you can’t see it? And what good is a color if you can’t show, share it, or splatter it all over some wall downtown, or online…

Either way my goals are simple, I’m here to mix some colors people.


Splash Your Colors Here (comment)

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